Monday, August 3, 2009

Watch New Horse Master with Julie Goodnight Episodes on RFD-TV this Fall ‹ Then Access FREE Online Extras with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter

Watch New Horse Master with Julie Goodnight Episodes on RFD-TV this August and September — Then Access FREE Online Extras with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter
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SALIDA, Colo., August 1, 2009: As summer winds down, don’t miss the chance to see some amazing new episodes of Horse Master. You’ll learn how to help a rescued horse get back in shape, build up your confidence in jumping and even finagle a turn on the haunches with a gaited horse. Once you’ve seen Goodnight tackle the challenges, you’ll be ready for the fall season when Goodnight journeys to Oregon’s Willamette Valley and the the 28-acre Tanz Pferde Dressage farms to work with more horses and owners.
Up first from the Oregon shoot is Diane and her palomino, Jasmine. This horse would catch anyone’s breath — especially when she rears and backs up to avoid going forward on the trail. Without wasting a second, Goodnight helps Diane fix this frightening situation then hustles to help 4-H member Ellye and her horse, Danny, accomplish their goal of getting blue flats in the show ring. Ellye ends up all smiles when she’s learns to slow down her horse for a collected, show-winning ride.
Horse Master airs every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. EST (with encores airing Thursday and Saturday nights) on RFD-TV (Direct TV channel 345, Dish Network channel 231 as well as cable outlets including Time Warner). See the expanded schedule below.
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Schedule of RFD-TV’s Horse Master with Julie Goodnight August & September 2009

August  5, 6, 8  
“The Great Escape”: The Horse Master helps a horse owner stay in charge while longeing.

August 12, 13, 15
“Rescue and Rehab”: The Horse Master helps a once-starved horse get back in shape.

August 19, 20, 22
 “A Bit Too Much”: The Horse Master changes a horse’s bit to stop head tossing, and helps the rider relax.

August 26, 27, 29
 “Private Lesson”: The Horse Master helps an advanced rider learn to collect and ask her horse for more.
September 2, 3, 5
“Jump Into It”: The Horse Master builds confidence in a young jumper.

September 9, 10, 12
 “New Directions”: The Horse Master teaches a Rocky Mountain gaited horse to turn on the haunches.
September 16, 17, 19
 “Rearing to Go”: The Horse Master helps a frustrated trail rider keep her horse moving forward and from rearing.
September 23, 24, 26
 “Show Slow”: The Horse Master teaches a 4H-er to rate her speed in the show ring.
September 30, October 1, 3
 “Letting Go”:
The Horse Master teaches a nervous rider the importance of relaxing her rein hold and riding with draped reins.

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